Thursday, May 13, 2010

OBAMAS supreme court nominee Elena Kagan shielded Saudis from 9/11 lawsuit and sided with kingdom in case brought by victims of terror attacks

Google hides Obama's Social Security Number story
Searches for WND report diverted to Kagan, oil, Tampa stories

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What the British elections might mean for Middle East policy
Bolton: Obama Pressuring Israel on Nuke Program


We're excited about the incredible support everyone is showing!

The Jewish Tea Party (JTP) needs a slogan and we are turning to all our supportive members to contribute ideas for one that powerfully proclaims our mission.
Winner will receive a free complimentary t-shirt bearing the logo and slogan of the JTP!
Contest runs from now until Sunday May 9th.

Please submit all ideas, in comments below
U.S. Marines boot recruits with Confederate tattoos

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It's NOW or NEVER !

The time has come for us to show the world that we have awoken from our slumber…
So many Americans were swindled by the promise of "hope and change" coming from Barack Hussein Obama, but none more than the Jewish people. For some reason, we were unable to differentiate between our friends and our enemies.
Let us show the... world, that WE WILL NOT BE SILENT, WE WILL NOT FALTER, WE WILL NOT FAIL! We will show the world that we stand united to bring our great country out of this stench filled pit which we find ourselves in.
If we don’t act now, tomorrow will be too late! Doesn’t delay life is too short and precious for laziness, get up and DO SOMETHING! After all…. The days of our life are seventy years, and, if exceedingly vigorous, eighty years, and their persistence is but labor and foolishness" .How many different kinds of suffering, and sicknesses, and pains and burdens! And after all this - death! Not one in a thousand is to be found to whom the world has yielded a superabundance of gratifications and true contentment. And even such a one, though he attain to the age of one hundred years, passes and vanishes from the world. Furthermore, if man had been created solely for the sake of this world, he would have had no need of being inspired with a soul so precious and exalted as to be greater than the angels themselves, especially so in that it derives no satisfaction whatsoever from all of the pleasures of this world.Do yourself and your country a favor and invite every SANE individual to join our group, you can do so by clicking the following link
We will unite as 1 and show the world how LOUD we can get!

Thank You,

David Zuckerman

Obama Tries to Mend Fences With American Jews

Obama uses insulting 'teabagger' slur.

Shock: Israel-U.S. ties stronger than recent tensions, Elie Wiesel says after Obama meet

Extremist Muslims and their totalitarian cousins

Sunday, May 2, 2010

187,000 new east Jerusalem homes about to be approved?

'Absolutely, there will be more attacks in New York'
Muslim extremist warns America: Times Square just the beginning

An Open Letter to American Jews

Ben Shapiro
TownHall Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dear American Jews,

I write to you as a charter member of the tribe. I'm not only Jewish, I'm religious. I'm married to an Israeli girl (she'll receive her citizenship next year and she is a proud soon-to-be American). I go to synagogue regularly, keep kosher, keep the Sabbath.

American Jews, I have one request of you: please pull your heads out of your posteriors.

I mean that in all sincerity. Your continued support for Democrats and an administration that is openly anti-Semitic is a disgrace. Your embrace of a party that seeks to hamstring Israel in the name of a wholly fictitious Middle East peace process is contemptible. Your loyalty to a president who consistently sides with Palestinian and Iranian mass murder-supporters is disgusting.

Your backing of a man who has spent his life surrounding himself with the worst anti-Semites America has to offer -- Jeremiah Wright, Rashid Khalidi (former Palestinian terrorist spokesman), Louis Farrakhan ("I don't like the way [Jews] leech on us"), Samantha Power, Robert Malley, to name a few -- is nothing short of reprehensible. Rahm Emanuel's presence in the Obama cabinet doesn't ameliorate Obama's anti-Semitism -- it just provides it convenient cover. Al Sharpton wrongly called Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell "house negroes"; Emanuel is a kapo.

Even as you continue to buttress a president who seeks the destruction of your co-religionists, you demonstrate your myopia by rejecting the tea party movement and evangelical Christian Israel-supporters.

The tea party movement is your ally for three important reasons. First, it supports capitalism against the forces of socialism -- and capitalism keeps America strong enough to provide Israel with a hand against its evil adversaries. Second, American Jews are, by far, the highest-earning religious group in the United States -- the tea party fights for your right to keep your money. Third, the tea party stands against government overreach -- and in an era when government overreach promotes anti-religious secularism, Jews must stand with the tea party.

Your rejection of evangelical Christians is even more idiotic. Evangelical Christians are the only major voting bloc preventing President Obama from breaking ties with Israel. When Janet Porter, an evangelical Florida talk show host, heard about Obama's anti-Israel tyranny, she responded by asking her listeners to buy dozens of yellow roses to send to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office as a show of support. The price per dozen: $19.48, in honor of the year of Israel's founding (1948). Over 14,000 flowers were delivered. Meanwhile, Adm. James Jones, Obama's national security adviser and the man who brought Jew-hater Zbigniew Brzezinski into Obama's inner circle, was busy telling anti-Semitic jokes before the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

"But they want to convert us!" many American Jews shout. Not all Christians do. But for the rest -- so what? Would you sacrifice the support of millions of good-hearted Christians because they want to discuss Jesus with you? If your own belief system is so fragile, the weakness is yours, not theirs. While you expend energy whining about Jehovah's Witnesses who show up at your door with a Bible, Obama supports radical Muslims who would show up at your door with a gun -- or, as in the case of Daniel Pearl, a butcher's knife.

Now, I understand, American Jews, that most of you don't care about Israel.

I understand that you're more concerned about a woman's unconditional right to abort her unborn child (which Judaism rejects) than you are about Israel. Fine. Understand that you have removed yourself from the vast river of Jewish history in favor of a chimerical morality that values libertinism over liberty.

I understand that many of you -- all of you above age 70 -- still think FDR is alive. He isn't, but Jimmy Carter is.

I understand that some of you still think that conservatives and Republicans are the same folks they were during the 1950s, when they banned you from country clubs. They aren't.

The simple fact is this: There is only one mainstream political ideology in this country that asks you to check your principles and cultural history at the door in the name of the greater good -- leftism, the same ideology that virtually exterminated Judaism in Russia and Europe. While the left exploits your adherence to bagel-and-lox Judaism by appealing to your watered-down and perverted "tikkun olam" sensibilities, you are enabling your own destruction. The same people who urge you to reach out to terrorists will be the first to sacrifice you to those terrorists' tender mercies. The same people who urge you to worry about same-sex marriage rather than religious freedom will be the first to take your religious freedoms away.

I love you, my brothers and sisters. That's why I'm writing to you. Time is running out; the clock is winding down. Pick a side
Republicans on Offense as Dems Slip
Obama takes direct aim at anti-government rhetoric


Boehner: GOP Will Repeal Health Care Law