Sunday, April 11, 2010

American Jews THIS is your WAKE UP CALL !

I am a French Jew I live in France in the Paris suburb and I am victim of antisemitism at work since a few months
I am victim of moral harrassment at work instigated mainly by jalous arab and black people but many or a lot of the french people around me tend to support them
Like my black colleague pretended very often I stinked with a bad smell it was a lie because he pretended I had a bad smell just when there was a smell of perfume then at work they sent me home to take a shower
my situation at work is an everyday struggle to defend my rights according to the french law
It is a moral fight of everyday to keep my rights as a french citizen at work
I write this message under an anonymous name so that the Jews know what can happen in France today to someone who is a model employee at work and who is victim of injustice considering the laws as a Jewish woman who is a French citizen.


  1. How sad this is happening. It can happen in any country at any time. We saw it before and if we are not careful it can be the Holocaust all over again. Keep our faith in Israel and support Israel for without it, Jews everywhere are in trouble.

  2. Quel monde a la con ! je trouve sa discrmination moi ! T'ai pas parti voir l'etat ? pour faire des complaint