Wednesday, November 3, 2010

GOP sweep revives talk of massive investigation of Obama's birthplace


  1. Lol love that pic

  2. I am Jewish and running against the Muslim Barack Hussien Obama I need support from my own people and volunteers If you want the Ben Zonah out you need to vote for me in the Primary, Please visit my web page at I wrote this article and posted it on the but I feel all should read this
    called Enough talk
    While you call and complain about stoping gay education in the schools and bitch about the ecconomy, Congress and the Senate are laughing their asses off at you.

    Your complaints don't mean squat to them and they KNOW you are going to vote for one of the royalty of Congress or the Senate for President, then they are going to tell you to sit down, SHUT UP and do as you are told for the next 4 - 8 years.

    Yes the truth does hurt and did I make you very angry at me? I hope you are angry now. Focus that anger towards the real people who deserve it. Time for the calls to stop and giving them warning. Now I know all the leaders are saying "Oh Obama wants a revolution and then will declare Martial Law", well there is another form of revolution and that is to pick someone who says "I will expose all and throw out all of Congress, revamp the FBI and the CIA and remove their leaders who are KGB members who are planted here to destroy the USA".

    You elect those Republicans who are running who have stolen and say "Oh it's my father-in-laws farm" and the father-in-law has been dead for 5 yrs or those connected with the Muslim Brotherhood or those who are members of the Nazi Movement of America in Texas. Stealing is what you have now along with Black Muslim Supremists. You think the Germans were happy under Hitler because he was white? We have to take a hard look at what we have!

    Now I have been called by the Nazis and the Muslims as a "Jewish Supremeist" because I want to restore this nation back to the Constitution. They have gone as far as to say I own a bank and I am stealing with the Rothchilds who are not connected to the US Federal Banks as Ron Paul has repeatedly quoted from the National American Nazi website and made up some chart to prove he is right. If Jews owned all the banks, the Banks wouldn't have failed and The USA wouldn't be in this pickle. This was the same propaganda that Hitler and his Nazis said during WW2 to have the excuse to kill Jews. And now the USA Nazis along with the Radical Muslims are saying this.

    The ones who own and control the ecconomy are the following governments: Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, China, Russa, and India. Where do you think the Jobs have gone to? All are outsourced to these countries. If you call AOL for support you get India. If you call Gateway for support you get a Saudi Arabia. If you call AT&T for support for your cell phone you get Pakistan. And so on!

    I am running against Barack Hussein Obama. His main mission is to :

    1. Bring America to it's knees

    2. Cause a dicatorship

    3. Control it with a Communist/Muslim government (remember majority of Russia is Muslim).

    4. Kill America as it is now.

    You want this new government? Don't change parties and vote for the Republicans in the Primary to assure Obama gets back in OR change Parties JUST FOR THE PRIMARY AND vote the SON OF A BITCH OUT SO HE CAN'T RUN IN THE GENERAL.

    Now you have those ignorant Rebulicans who are going to say "Oh that is not fair". Remember life ISN'T FAIR! NOT FAIR is not the Issue. Nothing is fair in War and you can't play fair when you are talking about the lives of so many who could die under Obama. This is your last election if you do not change parties.

    You need a leader who is tough and won't back down or let people walk all over them! I will not turn my back on America, never have and never will. This is my home as well as yours!